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Hi, I have been using Stasis Breaker "Tumor Buster" chinese herbs for my dogs nasal cancer since April. I do lots of other stuff too. But no chemo or no radiation.  She has been in remission since end of July! All just using supplements, some of these Chinese Herbs like Stasis Breaker, and one Rx for Low Dose Naltrexone and diet changes.  
It doesn't need to be a Holistic Vet to order dispense it, any vet can order it, just we mortals cannot order it. It's at and the vet has to register there and he/she can order it. I have a 600gm canister of powder that cost me about $90 from the vet and lasts about 90 days for my lab. You can read about all the things I am doing for my dog Lucy at
All I know is what I did worked (after 3 weeks of day and night research) so I thought I should talk about it. And answer any questions I could.