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hi again, i called my regular vet to see if she would order these products for me. she was very willing to do anything which might help our girl with nasal cancer. however, the chinese vet supply company would  not sell to her. they will only sell to those vets trained in chinese medicines. so, that did not work.

my husband drove our dog 2 1/2 hrs. to the nearest holistic vet specifically to try get these herbs. this vet gave him a liquid mixture she made which she said contains some of the ingredients you mentioned but also others. supposedly it is "stronger". i
admit i was disappointed since several people on this site have mentioned those specific herbs saying they had used them successfully. our girl has a small lump between her eyes but also her right (facing her) eye is pulling off to the side. it may be too late to do anything for her that might stop this but we intend to try. the strange thing is, only 6 weeks ago we saw the specialist who insisted our dog only had rhinitis. in the past 3 weeks, there has been a very dramatic change in her, specifically her eye and then in the last 3-4 days, the lump between her eye.

has anyone, anywhere ever beat this cancer??? has anyone been able to stop it or slow it down at a late stage?
i do so hope you dog will stay in remission and the cancer will never return. i also encourage to continue with this site, posting what works and what doesn't, how much people use and where to find it. if it can help just one sweet dog it will be Priceless!!
i will be watching for more posts and updates.