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Hi, Sharon.
I hope you had a good holiday. Sorry for the delay. This forum sometimes doesn't let my email through. So I forget to take the time to login to the forum and do it this way.

Sorry to hear that they wouldn't give it to your vet. I hate this holding
treatments close to the cuff of herbs and holistic vet stuff. I was also
made to go to a Holistic vet. I just get the herbs from her drop shipped to
me from the makers company after she orders it. Once I went to the makers
website to check them out, the vet registration form looked like any vet
could fill that registration form out. Geez. Sorry you had to go so far AND
THEN was given stuff that may not have reviews of others to check out. But
I have gone the Holistic route (after getting the worst dealt with) and it
is working for my dog. Since your dog sounds like it needed stronger stuff,
then that's maybe why that vet had to go that route to give those herbs.
The biggest helps were diet changes to high protein and medium fat, meaning
good kibble like Taste of the Wild (it's at any independent pet store and
some feed stores and it's well priced) and adding some fried eggs or cooked
ground turkey and some fish oil to it. The chinese herbs, all the health
food supplements of antioxidents and immune boosters, and for bleeding and
inflammation I use a chinese herb that you can order from Amazon called Yun
Nan Bai Yao. I give it every day with meals one cap and she stopped
bleeding within 2 weeks pretty much and never hardly bled again. No more
bleeding means no more infections or swelling from it. To help with
infections I give colloidal silver a dropperful everyday. She had never had
an infection since. She only had antibiotics and prednisone at the
beginning before I went this route after the crisis flared down.
To get that swelling down stat you need to ask about prednisone and maybe
antibiotics from you reg. vet. This would be short term use only of the prednisone. Hopefully. Prednisone will bring swelling down BUT it lowers the immune system.
 I didn't give up. They gave my dog 4-6 months at the end of
March and they said radiation at $10k (in the end total for a month of
treatment and all the other fees added in) MIGHT add 6 months. Since the end of July it's as if she has
nothing wrong with her. And there was a biopsy also done to prove it was
nasal adenocarcinoma plus the xray.