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Piroxicam vs. Meloxicam
— by Jocelyn Jocelyn
Our Luna was diagnosed Dec. 10, 2010.  
We went ahead with radiation (16 treatments), surgery to remove left over and are now on metronomic Therapy.
We began the therapy using doxycycline(2xday), cyclophosphamide(m,W,F) and piroxicam(1xday).  The bleeding was absent from her nose.
We checked her labs after a month (which she was feeling great) and the kidney values were high, so we took her off piroxicam.  Rechecked in 2 weeks and was lower but still high.
We went ahead and put her on Meloxicam and rechecked in 2 wks and her kidney values are stable.

The problem now is the bleeding has returned since she's been taken off the piroxicam.
Allergy season is bad for her right now but I really feel it's the fact that she's no longer on piroxicam.
Any Suggestions or anyone else with these issues.
I have to be very careful with anything I give her food or supplement wise b/c she has severe pancreatitis.