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My dogs nasal cancer
— by Lisa Lisa
Hi, My dog Cara a collie cross was diagnosed with nasal cancer in October 2011 she was 15 years old when we found out. It all started when she had her first nose bleed then had another a couple of days later, I've worked with dogs for 18 years so new it wasn't going to bad news. We took her to the vets they said it could possibly be either a tumour or a fungal infection. They then referred us to a specialist vet for a CT scan, which our insurance told we would be covered for. The vet then honed to say it was a tumour. We went back to collect Cara and look at the CT images and discuss what to do next. The images showed her tumour was in left nostril and and filled the full length of her nose but hadn't spread up near her eyes. We then discussed what to do next, we decided to try her on a new drug called Cyclophosphamide which the vet herself had only a couple of patients on it. Cara is nearly due her 12 month check up has just had her 16th birthday. She went through a stage of having nose bleeds quite a lot, it seemed to be when she sounded like she was all bunged up and was doing inverse sneezing which looks and sounds horrible which only seemed to happen in the evenings, then when she woke up in the morning she would have a big sneezing fit which would give her a nose bleed. I'd say over the past 12 months she's only had 6 nose bleeds that have just started without her sneezing. Recently she had a bad nose bleed from her right nostril which we've classed as her good nostril which was on and off for a couple of days. We spoke to our vet they've said her tumour has now spread through to the other nostril. She hasn't had a nose bleed for about 4 months now. She has regular blood tests every two months to check her blood levels and kidney functions which have been the same for the past twelve months. She has shown slight signs of kidney problems which the vets recommended she went onto a prescription diet. After being on this food for some time she went off her food after losing her friend our little shi tzu aged 8. After speaking to our vet they said as its only a slight kidney problem feed her whatever she wants eat. She has just had another blood test two months after being on normal food her kidneys function results haven't changed. But we are now going to have to stop giving her her cylclophosphamide as we sadly cannot afford to pay for it any more as our insurance refused to pay out, they have said because she has fatty lumps on her belly they have said they caused the tumour in her nose (what a joke). We are hopefully now going to try her on steroids instead. She's our baby, I looked after her when she came into the rescue kennels I worked in when she was 6 months old, she was a very poorly puppy with suspected parvo virus, she fought through it and I brought her home to stay. Sixteen years later our puppy is still going strong.