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Hi dog was diagnosed exactly 3 mos ago with nasal osteo sarcoma. I started giving him laetrile immediately and even though he's got a big lump on his nose and has had some bleeding, he feels great...acts like a puppy.

I want to shrink the tumor though cause it's so close to his eye and head, so I've got a call into a holistic vet for the stasis vs breaker Chinese blend.

With the laetrile (aka: b17' apricot seeds), major diet reformation and now adopting Lucy's regime...see with all those herbs, I really feel like Yukon will be with us for a long time. Today is a milestone becaipuse it's the end date for his prognosis...and he's alive and well!

So you might research's cheap and easy to get over the internet.

I pray your baby will have many more years!