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My dog has cancer and our vet recommended Wei Qi and Stasis Breaker, I believe these two products are from the same company.  She also wanted me to put him on prednisone which I refused to do as I've read bad things about the drug.  I put my dog on an organic diet along with sodium bi-carbonate protocol for cancer.   baking soda/maple syrup.  I honestly think we could have beat it in the first 4 weeks had it not been for the first vet we had who was taking too long to diagnose.  When I put my dog on, he was lethargic, not eating after two days, he was back to his old self.  However i made the mistake of taking him off too soon and his health went back down hill for a week, put him back on and he bounced back.  I still did not know for certain if he had cancer. Only after taking him off again, then I feel we lost so much ground.  I should have kept him on a teaspoon a day for 4-6 weeks.  It's 1 part baking soda to 3 parts pure maple syrup or you can use molasses.  The sugar is only used as a trojan horse.  His diet was switched all organic chicken and millet (which has b17-fights cancer) bone broth, spring water, juicing carrots, beets, ginger. Then I started to switch the baking soda out for organic kombucha because I read it does the same thing which balances PH in the body, also read a lot about it shrinking tumors.  It is important to give your dog, a liquid  multi vitamin and an oil blend of omega 3-6-9, daily along with selenium and magnesium. Nutrition is vital.  I just ordered essiac tea from herbal healer and will continue his treatment with this as well, as the herbs in the tea kill cancer. is my source.